Senior Companionship Program-

Are you, or do you know a Senior, who needs someone to take them grocery shopping?  Or perhaps needs some assistance in light household upkeep. Perhaps just playing cards, reading or meal preparation? Then allow our friendly staff to assist you in maintaining your independence. 

Services Offered-

* Grocery shopping- If you need someone to go with you or would like to sit in the comfort of        your own home while we do the errand we are there to help.

* Meal preparation- Do you struggle to fix your own meals? Allow us to prepare one or several       days worth of meals to take the burden off you. ~Food and storage containers are client's responsibility.

Laundry- Do you need help with the daily or weekly laundry or just need a ride and company       while waiting for the final spin cycle? Then allow us to either assist you helping with laundry         in your own home or providing weekly laundry service. ~Extra Fees Apply For Pickup and           Drop Off Laundry Services. Dry Cleaning is clients full responsibility. Price is based  per   pound.

*Other Services Provided Please Inquire.

                            *Fees based on services, 2 hour minimum plus mileage*