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​                     -This wheel contains eight sections that, together, represent one way of describing a whole  life. 

                                               What are you putting up with?

​              Your Values are what is important to you in life. Knowing your Values helps you understand what drives  you – 

      Whether it's actions or behaviors, what could you STOP, do LESS of, KEEP DOING, do MORE of - and what could  you START?

Life-Satisfaction Scorecard. Reflection on where we are and where we would lie to be may just be the motivation needed to begin the journey. 

Understanding the Why of Your Goals- Knowing the why can help motivate us to create the how leading to the plan of action.

Top 10 Cognitive Distortions -How we distort our experiences can greatly impact how we react to situations and those around us.

Effects of Stress and Warning Signs- Stressors from being stuck in traffic to fighting with the kids  can create an imbalance leading to disharmony in our lives. This can affect everything from the way we perceive ourself to our physical and mental health.

S.M.A.R.T.  Goal process is one of the various models we will use in our coaching sessions. Please feel free to print it out and bring it in on your first appointment.

GROW Model- The GROW model (or process) is a simple method for goal setting and problem solving. We will be utilizing this model in our coaching sessions.Please feel free to print it out and become familiar with it.

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