Person Centered Planning-

​Unsure of what activities are available to the developmentally/intellectually or physcialy disabled individual, or where their interests lie?  That is where Person Centered Planning comes in.  Available both through private pay, ITA contract, or a service to our clients as part of their waver, we will assemble a team of people to help the client identify interests, desires, and talents, match those with appropriate activities, create a plan to engage in those activities, and provide follow up meetings in order to ensure the plan is truly centered on, and benefitting the client.

                     Private Pay Always Welcomed! Fees based on services rendered.

DSHS Contracts are never charged fees. 

      Contact your DSHS Case Manager to check eligibility!

                                        Community Guide and Engagement 

Community Guide Service- is a short term service provided primarily through contract with DSHS-DDA  in which we assist those who are new to the community, are relocating or otherwise have need of assistance in gaining access to needed services.  Through this program, we can assist in activities such as finding new housing, moving to a different area of town, learning to utilize public transportation, gaining access to other services, organizations, or activities.  Basically, serving as a guide to navigating and discovering the wide array services and activities available to the developmentally disabled members of our community

Community Engagement Service- a longer term service, again provided primarily through contract with DSHS-DDA, in which we assist clients in becoming more involved in activities throughout the community, promoting a sense of connection and involvement. 

Volunteer and Job Preparation-

Need assistance with volunteer placement or job skill preparation? Allow us to help your loved one in finding the right fit from our extensive knowledge of our community. From help filling out applications, resume building, to staying with them while they train we will be there.